What we do

We are a technology company for mobile, social and email marketing. We license our technology to ad agencies to use under their brand.

What is White Label Marketing?

Start your own mobile, social and email marketing platform using your brand. We host the files and manage the servers. We are completely behind the scenes powering the technology and supporting you.


What is KingSide?

KingSide integrates all forms of digital marketing in one platform under your brand.You can then resell mobile website, text messaging, email marketing and social media management services.

Your clients will get their own unique login. You can set up custom plan types for each of your customers. We even provide you with your own website to help you sell!

We integrate with the Stripe.com API for merchant processing and award winning Mailgun.com for email marketing delivery.


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    We are Profitable.

    We license our email, mobile and social marketing technology to 200+ agencies.

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    We are SaaS+

    Our customers pay us a monthly fee plus usage fees for sending emails and text messages, and add-ons such as mobile websites and short codes. See our pricing.

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